The bevo event space is great choice for holiday parties, rehearsal dinners, or corporate events. The location is convenient for visitors and near several hotels. The multi-level space provides flexibility for visitors and offers the ability to use different areas for different purposes. The unique floor plan includes three levels. The first floor entrance takes you into a lounge with a private bar to the right. There is a game room on the lower level and directly upstairs is the dining room and meeting room space, which can hold up to 70-seated guests, and 100 party guests.

Corporate Meeting Space

Businesses use this space for offsite meetings, taking advantage of the large upstairs meeting room and the flexibility offered.

Classroom seating up to 50 guests
Conference/U shape seating up to 24
Portable 60″ wide screen for visual presentation
Coffee & beverage service
Breakfast, lunch, snacks
Game room to blow off steam

Special Event Venue

Birthday parties, retirement parties, and wedding and baby showers use this space to create an area to greet guests as they enter in the lounge. A formal event or a DJ with dancing can take place in the dining/meeting room in the upper level. Children are often entertained during events in the game room on the lower level.

Wedding Venue

The bevo event space has a hip and urban feeling to it with black, silver, and blue décor throughout. The benefit of this space is that the décor is subtle and can easily be revised to reflect the look and feel of another theme or color scheme. This allows hosts to create their own ambiance with linens, lights, and flowers. Weddings in the bevo event space are great fun due to the ease of access, areas for entertainment, and great ambiance. Interested in seeing the bevo event space? Give us a call, we’d love to give you a tour!


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