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Food to Fit Your Event: Catering at the Pizzagalli Center

Part of the fun of throwing an event is creating a theme. This week, Bevo had the pleasure of catering an event at the Pizzagalli Center for Art and Education at Shelburne Museum (follow the links for more information about these VT landmarks!). The event was celebrating the opening of the newest exhibition in the Pizzagalli center: “Rich and Tasty Vermont Furniture.” Since Bevo was catering the food and bar, we decided to focus on woodworking terms and incorporate them into the menu. Here are a few of the highlights…

First there was the Froe Club Sandwich, Bevo’s version of the classic turkey club.  We piled a mini slice of bread high with turkey, house smoked bacon, fresh radish, tomato, and an herb aioli, closed the lid then topped the whole thing with a sliced gherkin pickle.

Froe club– narrow, hardwood club used to strike the back of a froe blade

Turkey Froe club sandwich


Next was an air dried ribeye crostini.  This appetizer featured house dried ribeye sitting on a roasted garlic aioli and topped with our house chimichurri sauce.

Air dried wood is wood that has attained a moisture content at equilibrium to the surrounding environment.  Some air dried wood can reach a moisture content of as little as 12%.

 Aid dried ribeye crostini


As another fun, finger food option we offered post and rung chicken skewers. These chicken skewers were hand rubbed in our homemade BBQ rub, oven roasted, and served with a creamy bleu cheese dip.

Post and rung is a classic chair style consisting of vertical posts and horizontal rungs.

Post and rung chicken skewers


Finally, to compliment the meal, we offered the honey-comb cocktail.  2 oz Bulleit rye stirred with 1 oz.  honey-rosemary simple syrup and a dash of fresh lemon juice, this cocktail was served over ice with a sprig of rosemary and a scoop of fresh honeycomb.

A comb is a curved, horizontal piece of wood that caps the bow of a Windsor or connects the spindles of a comb-back Windsor chair.

honey-comb cocktail

Below is an image of the full menu!

Pizzagali full menu




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