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Behind the Scenes at a Vermont Catering Company: Bacon

Makin’ Bacon at Bevo

This week’s blog is the first part of a two-week mini-series on BACON.  This week we are preparing pork belly for next week when we smoke our own bacon at bevo.  Before bacon can become the food we all know and love, it must be prepared.  Aaron started with a full slab of Vermont Grown pork belly.

pig sides

He then broke it down into six separate cuts of soon-to-be bacon meat.  After breaking down the cuts of meat, Aaron trimmed the skin off the of the pork.






Then, he rubbed the six
chunks of meat in seasoning.  Three of the cuts are to be experimented on with an asian-inspired rub. the other three are receiving a traditional seasoning dry rub of 1/4 c. kosher srubber-baconalt, 1/4 c. dark brown sugar, 1/4 c. honey, 2 T. red pepper flakes, and 2 T. smoked sweet paprika.








After being thoroughly rubbed down, all six cuts were placed in individual ziplock bags and stored in the walk-in freezer.  The cuts will be flipped once each day to ensure even seasoning penetration.

Asian-style rubbed bacon cuts being zipped into freezer bags on their way to the walk-in freezer!











This week’s post is short and sweet, after being prepped and seasoned, the six cuts of meat will stay in the walk-in and soak up their seasonings for seven days. Check in with us next week when we cover how to smoke your meat.

Until then, Happy Eating!

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