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Behind the Scenes at a Vermont Catering Company: Bacon Part II

Smoking Bacon

Choose Your Wood Wisely…

After a week of marinating in the walk-in these chunks of soon-to-be bacon are ready to be smoked!  The first step in the smoking process is choosing a wood that coplements the flavor of the meat being smoked.  Choosing a wood to smoke with can be a very detailed process, but, for our purposes at Bevo, we tend to rely on three l
andmark woods distinguished by the flavor they impart on the meat:

Applewood- a local favorite, this wood is commonly known for its mild and soft smoky flavor

Cherry- mild to medium in flavor

Hickory- robust flavor, ideal for meats with a lot of spice/seasoning

For our bacon this week we used applewood chips.  Using this milder wood allows for the rub on the bacon to shine through with a nuance of smoke.

Light it Up:

Since we were using wood chips, we needed to soak the chips in water.  This step is important since it ensures the chips smoke rather than burn.  When placed in the smoker, the water-logged chips will produce a beautiful, rolling smoke rather than merely burning up.  Now it’s time to add the meat! Place your cuts in the smoker evenly spaced on the racks and lock them into the smoker.  For the best flavor, we have found that a constant temperature of 200-250 degrees is ideal.  This relatively low heat and long smoke time allows the fat to render, ensuring that the flavors are developed throughout the meat and not just on the surface, yielding flavorful and juicy bacon at the end!











The Smoke Clears…




….and you have delicious bacon! I like my bacon with heirloom tomatoes, arugula, black pepper aioli, on toasty Red Hen bread with a glass of rosé with my feet UP!

Cocktail of the Week:

To match with the bold, smoky and salty flavors of bacon, this week’s cocktail is simple enough to stand up to many flavors.

The Ver-Tucky!

2 oz. Kentucky bourbon

1.5 oz. lemonade

.5 oz. Vermont maple syrup

Shaken and served over ice in an antique mason jar or v-rocks glass with a lemon peel garnish!





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